Our  Achlhof
Franz Köck, Austraße 31, A-6352 Ellmau/Tirol
www.achlhof.at e-mail: achlhof@aon.at
Tel. 0043/5358/2809Kikeriki or 0043/6645305418


Welcome to the Achlhof. Our 300 year old farm lies in a quiet position in the valley about 10 minutes' walk from the village centre and just a couple of minutes' walk from the Hartkaiser cable railway.



The guest house is across the yard and is decorated in a typical tyrolean style. On the ground floor is the breakfast room, which doubles as a guest kitchen and TV room. Next to this is a holiday flat which comprises a living room with kitchenette, dining-table, TV and sofa-bed, a separate bedroom with a shower and toilet leading off it. The flat has its own entrance as well as french windows leading out to the terrace and garden; the total living area is around 40 m2. On the first floor there is one single basic room, one double and two three-bedded rooms with shower and toilet. All rooms, except the single, also have a balcony. In the cellar we also have a three-bedded basic room and a sauna and a shower.



Next door to the farmhouse are the garages for our carriages and sleighs, and above these we also have a holiday flat This one is similar to the one in the guest house but is slightly larger (50 m2) and has a balcony.


Our family lives in the farmhouse and we all help to run the farm together; we have quite a selection of animals, including cows, pigs, goats, chickens, rabbits, a dog and a cat. Of particular interest are, of course, our horses. We have 10 Haflingers at the moment, and with them we run carriage and sleigh rides, from one-hour rides to rides including a stop in a local gasthof, pic-nic rides, moonlit rides and also day trips. In the autumn we even run a three day journey round the "Wilder Kaiser" mountains in a carriage - let us know if you would like to join us on this!



As an alternative to carriage and sleigh rides we also do pony-trekking and riding - how about coming along for a hike in the mountains, using a Haflinger as a pack-horse? For those who prefer something more gentle, we have a short track in the field behind the farmhouse for beginners, and we will lead you around this with pleasure. For those who can already ride, we will take you on an hour's ride through the village and the fields, and once a week we go on a longer trek (2 hours) around the Faistenbichl part of Ellmau.




Just in case you are not obsessed with horses and carriages, walking on your own two feet is also good fun and there is plenty of scope around us: up the Hausberg, Rauher Kopf or in the "Wilder Kaiser" conservation area. Don't forget, the Hartkaiser cable railway provides access in summer to a large walking area with spectacular views and in winter to the largest interconnected  ski area of Austria with over 90 lifts.




P.S. I could tell you more about the Achlhof, but that would spoil the fun. Take your time and discover it all for yourself: the bubbling Weißache stream which flows right by our house, the barefoot path, the trout pond, the garden at the end of the field, the hay loft,...


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