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Who’s standing on there head?

Who’s sitting on Rico?

Witch horse of ours wears boots?

Who am I? I am the best horse rider of Achlhof?

Who wants an answer on the above questions? Email: achlhof@aon.at


HP: As is to be seen: We ride in English, American, in German, in Italian, krawallisch, individually, together ...The only little problem is the language!

And, by the way: Where is Franz? I believe, that he is coach driving? No, Hermann’s driving it. Let's ask Sigi, he is in the stable or even better Maria, she is certainly in the kitchen. Franz? Isn’t he hiking? No?! Nevertheless, he must be to be found. Somebody was talking about a 2 Day ride. Id'm sure he’s with the ski teacher, why? There is no more snow. Is he maybe sitting at the computer? No. Now I know where he is, he’s walking along  the Weißache.

That’s what he means

the good old „ghost“ from Achlhof.

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