You  would like to give an adventurous present?

How about a voucher from Achlhof.........


And for who? For parents, children, grandparents and even the mother-in-law, grandchildren, relations friends, Barbara Streisand, Franz Beckenbauer, Arnold Schwarzenegger..........


And you can choose from either a holiday at the Achlhof or  a buggy ride or even a 3 day trip around the Wilder Kaiser. An easy beginners ride , a short trek or even a mountain ride. For those who want to follow in the foosteps of the mountain traders it´s a packhorse walk  including B&B.


  From Achlhof
    Fun of your choice!!

















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And before you know it you´ll have a voucher in your hand.


P.S. Like Grandma Köck would say: " There is always a possibility, we just have to find it!"

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