I own a small farm with a stable full of horses, I´m a farmer, horse drawn buggy driver, sleigh driver, packhorse man,... and a qualified ski instructor. I daren´t say now how many years long....... So in winter I work with the horses and the ski bunnies!





WITH the kids I do my best to make it fun.

WITH the ladies, I´m the teacher and the careful listener and I mostly try to teach with patience.

WITH the gents I teach technique on the piste, how to cope with moguls, deep snow and “Wedeln” which are short sharp turns and last but not least carving.



I am available for private lessons anytime, just call.

My telephone number is 0043 5358 2809 or e-mail me on:


Due to me being employed by the number one ski school in Ellmau run by Friedl Fuchs I can make any necessary recommendations including baby sitting. Any information please just contact me and I can pass you directly to the ski school office.




Schi Heil!!  means Cheers! The skiing way!!




PS: The odd somersault (loss of balance) does happen! You not me! I promise I am a qualified instructor and I love my least at the beginning of the week!!!



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