2 Day Riding Trek

around the Hinterstein


Day 1

Meeting time will be at 9 am at the stables where we shall begin with grooming and saddling the horses. During this time you will be able to familiarise yourself with your horse which will be your companion for the next two days.


Our route will start along the banks of the Weißach stream in the direction of the old schnapps distillery and from there on we shall head in the direction of the village of Scheffau. After a short break at the “Gasthof Blaiken” we will continue our trek over the “Berbichl” and “Ed” hills in  the general direction of Hauning.

While following this route we will pass the home of Klara Embacher and if we are lucky enough to catch her at home we shall be able to sample some of her legendary self distilled schnapps. As we continue our route we will reach the village of Söll and from here we can gallop along the woodland trails leading to Stockach where we shall break our journey for lunch at the “Gasthof Oberstegen”.

After a hearty lunch we shall remount and continue our trek passing Lengfeld and following the old cart paths that lead on to Kufstein, we will have to negotiate the small wooden bridge here and it will be advisable to dismount and lead the horses across. Along the way we will be able to marvel at the views of the Hinterstein mountains. After passing the “Eibergbauer” we will arrive at “Schmidl” and here we will follow the old trader route to “Reherbauer”. Once we arrive here we shall take a short break and assuming that we are alone we will find ourselves in a area of extreme beauty and tranquillity. After taking in the splendour of the “Reherbauer” we will continue along a trail that will take us toward the “Waller-Alm”, bearing right along this trail we will arrive at “Ried” and from here have only a short distance before we reach the “Schiestl-Bauern”. At which we will  have a  MAGICAL view of the evening sun setting over the Hintersteinersee.  Here the days journey ends, we dismount, tend to our horses needs and reflect on the days achievements whilst enjoying good food and a glass of wine.




Day 2  

Refreshed and after a good nights sleep our day begins at 8.30 with a hearty breakfast followed by preparing our horses for the coming days trek.

With our horses we climb the hills back toward “Ried” and onward to the “Hölzental-Alm”. After following the “Sojerweg” we direct our horses downhill toward the “Hintersteinersee” and those of us brave enough to take an invigorating dip in an Alpen lake are more than welcome to. Here we shall take a well earned break at the “Seestüberl”. Thereafter we continue onward and upwards to the “Greidernberg”, passing the farm of “Schupfen” and reaching the “Alpengasthof Achleiten”. While taking in our midday meal we can enjoy beautiful unspoilt views of the “Hohe Salve” mountains and across the whole of the “Sölland”.

Descending along a steep logging trail we direct our horses toward “Erlach”. From here we can admire one of the majestic peaks of the “Wilden Kaisers” mountains, the “Tuxeck”. After a short gallop we take a final rest at the Café Rosemarie. More than 60 ice cream sundaes are waiting for us...

Setting off on the last leg of our trek we cross the “Niederscheffau” towards “Blaiken” and follow once again the banks of the Weißach before reaching our final destination at the Achlhof .







    -WHAT do I need to pay attention to?

Common sense and awareness prevail.

   - DO I need any special equipment?

No special equipment is required, instead of riding boots good quality trekking shoes are preferred as there        will be times when we shall be travelling on foot. It is recommended that a rucksack (small) be taken to allow spare clothing to be taken along for the duration.

    -DO I need riding experience?

A certain degree of horse riding experience is required and children should be at least 10 years of age.   

    -WHEN do the treks take place?

The treks take place between the middle of September until the end of October.

    -NUMBER of participants?

A minimum of 3 participants is required per tour however in the last September week a minimum of 2 persons will be accepted.

    -HOW much does it cost?

€ 129.00 per person for non residents and

€ 119.00 per person for residents of the Achlhof.

The above rates allow for 2 days of riding (daily 5-6 hrs) including overnight accommodation with breakfast.



N.B: It is recommended that a weeks stay at the Achlhof or in the surrounding area be planned, so that we can choose the days for the proposed trek so we do not have to make the trek in all weathers.


A small anecdote,

One winter as so often as before, Heike and Angela spent their skiing holiday at the Achlhof. During this time they pleaded with me to take them on a riding trek and being the gentleman that I am I agreed to bring forward my planned start of the trekking programme by one season and do this in my own time just to satisfy their pleadings.

Two weeks prior to Heike and Angela arriving everything was organised, which sounds easier than it was….accommodation for the people wasn´t the problem, it was finding suitable lodgings for the horses! When the two lovely young ladies arrived (alas with their boyfriends) full of anticipation to set off on the trek I received the shock news that the planned accommodation was no longer available. Luckily I was able to find a good last minute alternative.

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