Hearts of Women at the Achlhof


Women’s hearts are happy... when they can ride a horse

Women’s hearts are happy... when they can relax

Women's hearts are happy... when they can watch cows eat grass

Women's hearts are happy...  when they get flowers, when they can leave the kids with the dad, to swim in the Hintersteinersee, to be “me” on the Achlhof,…

HP. Here are some examples of the last years:
Andrea took photos of everything what came in
front of the lens of her camera. Waltraud built a waterwheel which really turned. Birgit and her children glued Steinmandln together with enthusiasm. Corinna caught her first trout. Brigitte made a wooden horse from rest pieces - at the end all children had one. Pieternel painted many stones - since then fits a stone dog looks after the company house. Claudia held while driving in a coach the linen in the hand. Caroline did her first ride on Rico.

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